Hello World, It's Erik's New Blog

Hello world! This is the initial post for my new software engineering blog. I've been meaning to get a new blog up and running for years and recently have had renewed motivation when I realized there are more than a few topics I want to discuss and share.

With the domain name of event-sourcing.dev you can safely assume I'll be talking about the software design pattern Event Sourcing. It's growing in popularity and already is being conflated with other patterns such as CQRS, Event Streaming, and Event-Driven Architecture. While clarifying what they are and what they are not is one of the immediate goals of this blog, I will also be covering other software engineering and architecture topics as well.

This will be an on-going exercise in explaining ideas, patterns, best practices, and general thoughts on all of the above -- which I believe will help me become a better software engineer. And with that, I openly welcome any criticism and corrections as well. I'm quite good at making mistakes, but please don't tell anyone that.

As for the aesthetic of the website, I am sure that will change over time. I'm still playing around with and learning Gatsby, along with some different headless CMS frameworks out there.

I am very much a backend-centric developer but like to keep my frontend skills somewhat current when the time is available. Thanks again for tuning in! Content-filled posts coming soon...

PS: I should mention ErikShafer.dev also redirects to this blog. Perhaps that is easy for some of you I already know!